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Your Trusted Enhanced Recovery (ERAS) Hip and Knee Surgical Clinic

Alps Orthopaedic Centre is a specialist clinic in Singapore with expertise in various injuries and diseases concerning the musculoskeletal system. At Alps, we understand that musculoskeletal problems can compromise your quality of life. We are here for you whether you are grappling with Hip and Knee Conditions, Sports Injuries, Trauma Fractures, as well as Other Orthopaedic Conditions.

Our Orthopaedic clinic provides specialised diagnosis and effective treatment of musculoskeletal problems, especially Day Surgery / Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) For Hip and Knee Surgery, Sports Injuries and Trauma Fractures. We are an Orthopaedic clinic in Singapore, which specialises in ERAS and do our utmost to enable patients to return to everyday activities as early as possible.

At Alps, your well-being is in the hands of an award-winning Orthopaedic Surgeon dedicated to helping you recover from your injury and pain. Our clinic is helmed by Dr Jerry Chen, a fellowship-trained Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and esteemed Clinical Associate Professor at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. Moreover, Dr Chen is competent in speeding up patient recovery, as he spearheads the workgroup for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) for hip and knee surgeries at Singapore General Hospital. With over 13 years of experience in Orthopaedic Surgery and having performed 500 surgeries annually, Dr Chen is a skilled surgeon who has facilitated the swift recovery of many patients.

Mission Statement

Providing timely, affordable orthopaedic services to patients experiencing pain or injury, enabling them to resume the activities they love.

Why Alps Orthopaedic Centre?

Day surgery for hip and knee replacement

Potentially shorten your hospitalisation stay for hip and knee replacement surgeries, making them a day surgery. Through our specialised Enhanced Recovery After Surgery approach, most patients experience fast recovery, less pain and a smaller bill.

Up-to-date, evidence-based surgical treatments

Benefit from effective surgical techniques, such as direct anterior approach total hip replacement, radiofrequency ablation, and robotic surgery, as Dr Jerry Chen keeps abreast with recent orthopaedic surgery research.

Patient-centred philosophy

At Alps Orthopaedic Centre, we uphold a patient-centred ethos, prioritising your satisfaction in all aspects of our services. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering tailored and empathetic orthopaedic care.


Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

MBBS (S’pore), MRCSEd, MMed (Ortho), FRCSEd (Ortho)

Our story

Do well, do good, do right

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Jerry Chen’s journey began with a profound commitment to restoring the joy of movement and vitality in his patients’ lives. He chose to specialise in orthopaedic surgery not only to mend bones but also to revive hope and functionality in those troubled by pain or injury. Motivated by the satisfaction of enabling patients to embrace their beloved sports and activities once again, he decided to establish his own orthopaedic specialist clinic.

Alps Orthopaedic Centre was born to empower movement in patients. Similar to mountaineers who scale the Alps mountain range tirelessly to reach the peak, our clinic also shares the same devotion in what we do. We always strive to provide good orthopaedic services that benefit patients.

Enabling patients to exercise, travel and live with minimal pain

At Alps, we work together with patients towards the shared goal of reclaiming their physically active lifestyles. Our clinic endeavours to help patients recover rapidly, so they can go back to pursuing their sporting ambitions, embarking on fun adventures and engaging in simple everyday pleasures— without worrying about pain.

Swift recovery through ERAS hip and knee replacement surgery

To facilitate patient recovery, we offer specialised orthopaedic care and focus on implementing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols. ERAS refers to a safe programme that pairs surgical techniques to minimise trauma on the body with preoperative and post-operative care, such as rehabilitation exercises.

Patients suitable for the ERAS programme can potentially shorten their hospitalisation stay for hip and knee replacement surgeries, leaving the hospital after merely a day. The ERAS approach typically results in swift recovery, less pain and a more affordable bill.

Moving forward, Alps Orthopaedic Centre will remain dedicated to providing timely, cost-effective, and compassionate orthopaedic care that enriches lives.

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